All About Acute Bronchitis treatment

 Acute Bronchitis treatment

Acute Bronchitis Treatment

Acute Bronchitis Treatment

Acute bronchitis can be found among all age groups of men and women and if  the bronchitis lasts more than three weeks, it is considered as acute bronchitis.  Acute Bronchitis is a health problem that occurs in higher respiratory system that requires treatment for certain period of time until it is completely cured.

Bronchitis is a respiratory problem that begins with mild dry cough before it becomes acute with mucus that appears as yellow or green in color.  Bronchitis brings body pains, joint paints and mild temperature with shivering in the body giving complete coldness to the body.  Although it appears as a very mild issue in the beginning it can become severe asthma and some times lead to the pneumonia.

What is Bronchitis?

Bronchitis is caused by viral bacteria that may enter the body through different compounds of gases, cigarette smoking, dust and due to excessive presence in the pollution environment.

Some of the common symptoms of bronchitis include:

  • dry cough
  • then mucus in green or yellow color
  • followed by fever.
  • It is also noticed that there will be constant nose dripping and also shivering in the body spreading coldness throughout the body

This is mostly prevalent during winter season as the normal body temperature may slightly come down and the body begins to react with the outside weather and climate. Bronchitis can also be referred as cold infection that is caused by viral bacteria and if it is not treated in time, it can spread to other family members.

What are its effects?

Once bronchitis appears body will begin to dehydrate and there will also be an experience of loss of appetite.  Because fever will be occurring in the body, there are chances of feeling nausea or excessive body pains and also a difficulty in breathing. Further there will also be too much of coughing that may last long.   The dripping nose, discomfort in talking, uneasy in traveling and also there will be an experience of feeling weak in the body.

Acute Bronchitis Treatment  Home remedies

Once symptoms are found, it is always good to visit a doctor.  Alternatively use of home remedies such as ginger tea or ginger water and intake of warm water will bring in lot of comfort.  Lemon and honey are also excellent remedies to find relief from acute bronchitis. While home remedies are continued, many health experts suggest that antibiotics offer a quick relief when used as a course of medicine for about a week before normal health is gained.

Since there are many effective medicines for acute bronchitis it can be treated in time but patient has to be regularly taking medicines and also follow good procedures of diet such as by taking plenty of fresh vegetables that begin to work on acute bronchitis and provide good relief.   Since it requires good treatment with the use of antibiotics, it is essential that medicines must be kept at home and must be used until permanent relief is received. more info